About Us

Cal Overseas Insurance Services was founded in the late 1980s, with humble beginnings.  The business started as a one man shop, visiting businesses from door to door.  As a second generation of owners, the core principals remain the same, which is what separates us from our competitors.  The majority of our client base stay with us for many years and the new clients are often referrals.  We are focused on giving each account the attention it deserves so that a client understands what their policy covers and which features are important to them.  When a policyholder pays a premium, they are not just buying an insurance policy but they are also buying into the expertise, integrity, and availability of our team.  Our focus is to create a more personal feel when you are managing your insurance.  As a broker, we have a variety of companies for auto, home, health, life, annuity and business insurance to fit your particular need.  Call us today and experience the difference for yourself.